Selamat datang ! Welcome ! Ahlan Wahsahlan ! kui3


finally the 1st financial book

after 4 or 5 days, i finally finish read rich dad poor dad

a good book to get an idea about financial education

give me a lot of new knowledge nice, but to apply it, hmm

no money yet, n still need to discuss with my dad about something

that i Dont understand haha

okie gonna get redi for msia enviroment

gonna go n read cvs for today, patho for the next 2 days,

N gonna continue with

retire young retire rich , a week to finish it maybe

new knowledge new excitement

after retire in "leadership"

a few more things going to cope up

here we gooooo

rajinkan membaca, learn from de expert

jgn rse kte bijok sgt :)

Word of de day

Just finish my 8th habit, the final part, using our voice to inspire others, borink haha

Start with a new book Rich Dad Poor Dad

What the rich teach their kids about money - tat the poor n middle class do not

"the poor and middle class work for money, the rich have money work for them"

"If u want to learn to work for money,then stay in school, that is a great place to learn to do that,

But if you want to learn how to have money work for you, then I will teach u that"

1 of the conversation

Haha , buku yang sgt ringan utk dibaca, just reading it for 2 hours n i get almost 40 page, with a clear

understanding of the content..

8th habit, holy shit, 10 min 1 page, n struggle to understand, yeeyyy

money making in progress, take ur own risk

Mom and Dad loveeee..

U never know how they love their child r, maybe u can think, the quantity and de quality, but yet,

it is eternal love i think , hmm

How much they sacrifice for us n bla2

Just remember when I go to 1 of my house at Seri Hijauan, my dad rent it to 1 parents, whom they move

just because of their child, so they can sent their child to better school near new home,

they need to travel extra mile to work, because workplace is far away from their home

Just become "yatim piatu" for a while , my parents go to sabah to see their daughter

And for me , doing their wokr hantar ambik abang2, wat bla2, then I know, how can they do these kind

of things, If it didnt come from ur heart , how much is their love ~~

Holy Shit , haha , Im failing so much haishhh

Emotion bcoz less stable, serabut, n bla2, selama nie dok diam2 br taw upeye

Persediaan yang baik utk duduk di malaysia hoho

Yeay ada kawan

Uni uni uni uni Uni EGYPT - yeah , in that manner, where I will go

most likely, bai-bai egypt T.T

akan pergi jika berkawan, soi la org ye

tp syarat yg KPT letak stret A n JJ is jus holy shit, haha mesti rmai gle frust

tapi tadi, dlm sje2, terbace status sorg 2, tgur skit die, ttibe die kte cam "golden chances"

wow, aku ada kawan + , keh3 


org len berjuang nk sambung egypt, scholar x ksk bagai, ak? bai egypt dgn selamba keh3

x bersyukur dgn egypt ke? egypt tmpt berkat la bak kte org utk stadi? 

for me?  long history sblom egypt ak tinggalkan, there will be a memoir post y i leave egypt

is it worth? I surely will read it 3 years later, adakah sbb-sbb ak blah ke msia tercapai 

menyesal atau pilihan tepat, 3 years later I know the exact answer

nme uni dibuang utk keselamatang haha

What a tough decision ~~

Try to rembember, why Egypt in the 1st place??

I got UiTM for asasi sains , 3++ n above, medic is mine

I apply for PILN, but bcoz Im Petronasian, they sent me to do local, with 1 and half years A-level

at KTT, then I will pursue my Medical Degree in Malaysia, with JPA scholar, yeah, a A-Level,

with a full sponsorship from JPA, I rejected, despite of the frustration, I failed the interview

I fail, PILN to Egypt, it was quite a blow for me, yeah ...

But now, I need to make a choice again , whether malaysia 3 years studying, and egypt 2 n de half

Just list out all of the causes , why I choose Egypt under my fama loans when I start my 1st year,

why not KTT, why not UiTM, why Egypt in  the 1st place

After had a long discussion with my sister (whom currently just finish her HO and wait for placement),

with my parents (who doest care at all where I want go, they let the final say to me - finally I get fully trust

from my father and mother, 1 of the greatest "kejayaan" in my life, n my siblings maybe? muahahaha)

A long discussion with my frens, sistar, brother, n there it is

A decision alredi been made, finally, I hope Allah redha with this 

Egypt or Msia? Decide urself

Im a future milionare

Despite of hard time last 2 week, and maybe these upcoming 2 weeks, life must go on

Just had a crush, candy crush? haha, candy crush didnt bring sadness at all, then what type of crush

is that, haha duno keh3

Just forget , reconstruct my plan for my future life, forget for a while about marriage, it is expected

on late 2018, or early 2019, or whenever time come , just now concentrate on career, n wealth ?

maybe haha, calon?just forget about it, long time ahead, lot of ppl to meet later on, carik later la

no need to worry,u lelaki laaa "thats my mom"

Expect to have my own CRZ honda car hybrid in 10 years old , "similar type" haha crz in 10 years

later, is like wira or waja nowdays haha lame

Being HO Mo is enuf? haha, u can join juz for laugh, keh3 , specialist in 10 years old?

In ur dream babeh, with a bond with goverment, a doctor career cant make u rich laa

My kawan kakak who grade from cucms , n didnt go for Ho make milions now

okie enuf of babling

I just go to MPH to start my "milionare programme" , just buy two book, for a good starter

Luv u dad finally, there is MoU between us, haha, Finally he willing to sponsor me books yahoo

reading mode is activate, before this we also got agreement what on tat 50 k loan, haha

save it later for 2018/2019 , that is the year (english merapu)

:D ipad xleh pos lak gmbr bku ,8th habit bakal dihabeskan cuti nh

3rd alternative from covey next year, as I i will not involve heavily with leadership after this, mase

utk bersaraaa, muahahahahahaha

time for career n life thx pCt for the chance, appreciate it

Perception, something to be handle

Juz "lepak" with Aqil, 1 of my shamsian fren who is know work as MA at HKL

Wondering that my fren already work, but I am , still have 2 years n half countdown

Holy S

A few days later, when pak cik yassin zaiyan's father talk about perception,

why do people rejected LYNAS, a radioactive leakage that happen 30 years ago at bukit merah merah,

Cherynobyl , Japan where flood coz leakage of radiation n bla2, if u follow news about radiation

Pak cik who is expert in atom, said it was just a perception of people

If  a country want to move forward, atom is 1 of the good resource for energy, as it will not end,

and it will continue for a certain half time(if it is long) or bla2 (i dont know the exact detail about this things)

Haha , it was just about perception

When I become 1 of the "pengawas asrama", Im a bit sceptic about those person who call "ustazah" kind of

people or whatsover, trying to fix them in my past years in Tanta , and I find it good, can cope with it

with this kind of this matter, but things sometime we cant control happen n occur

If people in Shams know how am I today, they might be shock with me , haha , yeah trying to cope with

something, u need to change something didnt ya?

Such a perception, with a rare cases, can turn into real things, bury deep inside my mind, hard to forget

Guess what, I have to start all over again, all of the effort shattered into pieces, this time with a wound maybe

It cure, for sure, without scar I hope.

Frustrated? Nah, a little bit ..

it is now sceptic kuasa 2 , haha , nevermind ...

Be happy , guess what, it is decided that, my travel day will come, Europe here I come

p/s dont blame anyone, juz write from a bottom of my heart, have a good life :) ,

Thx to someone, appreciate it :D bring ur fullest

Goyang- goyang

Juz have a talk with some of my frens, from egypt about transfer credit to Malaysia

Some of them already made decision to trasnfer, some of them dzon (70%++) ,

My old fren SHAMS frens in Azhar dentistry said that , she want to continue in Egypt, but

her family want her to study in Malaysia

@.@ kepeningan

YT give choice to their students whether to continue in malaysia or egypt, she said tat YP will stop scholar

if they continue in Egypt

MARA & JPA will gather all of their students , and they ask for their result from SPM to 4th year


Hard desicion to be make, Malaysia or Egypt

A discussion on 12hb Sept will clear half of things

N another discussion with my sister will clear another half

@.@ from 100% egypt to 50++ ~~

Journey to the west

Dulu-dulu, kol 8-9 malam, mesti pakat adik-beradik dok depan tv ramai-ramai tengok journey to the west

Sekarang dah berkumpol 1 family pn agak la susah, sorang duk sabah, sorang duk johor, sorang lagi

adeih, Mesir , sekarang tah bile2 nak balik kih3, last time , I MIA kene dok  mesir T.T

Hopefully by end of this Month, there is adik-beradik gathering before I go back there

Ops, balik lambat skit la nie jawab die

Antara benda paling best balik malaysia, jalan2 carik makan

jejalan dengan sesoy ke melaka n KL , haha akhirye ada gak member nak berjaulah AJKT

next pit stop perak IA , 5 bijik ada, kalo pegi n kalo la tqa tak balik mesir lagi

Naseb la dengan muka x malu aku tahun nie kte g jalan abes umah ajkt akhowat , haha, bak kata soy

"kalau aku sorang memang x pegi la"

Jalan-jalan jumpe parents orang n kenal family background orang sambil2 membina hubungan, bak kata

orang training2 sebelum yang sebenar haha

Nak jumpe yang sendiri ingatkan tahun nie boleh (sambil kelip mata - wink2 (berangan) - calon pn xde lg)

Owh, daydreaming LOL - baik abeskan buku 8th habit yang ntah bile2 nak abes @.@

Apabila menulis dalam BM kompem macam apa je haigoo...


Abes suda keje buat, now, merosakkan pemikiran skit

haha bace buku agame x nk , bese la 2 , liberal skit kwang3

Mentua lagi? ~~

Rumah ajkt bakal kekal kih3
sedia r makanan skit bero... lapa nie :P
2 botaks in de pic

rumah yang dari tahun lepas nak pergi akhirye
tahun nie pergi gak
kne klorox keh3 putih bersih
umah dik yan kwang3 (jgn mare) 

final destination for today
perot kekenyangan kih3
pergh bsor gle umah ~~

Finally de end , perak coming soon? Hmm
Yang jauh kite eratkan , yang dah erat? @.@
12hb kte reunion bsor2 ye di dewan za'ba putrajaya n finally 13hb reunion with my sista at USS yeay

Jumpe mentua

Juz have fun today, posing2 mlake jmpe mentua haha

Nice slmt berkenalan n moga ad kepercayaan terbina :D

Teringat smpai sekarang kisah itu

Guess what? Looking forward for tomorrow

Something to learn

When do u feel that ya know sumting

But the things going 180 degree , totally the other way around

At that particular time, ya know tat there is something wrong

Yeah, thats why human will keep learning from time to time

Especially for me myself

Malaysia bolehland is very precious land, where I learn

a lot about life here, in egypt, is all about thereotical

from Medicine to persatuan, it is all about theory

"kite kne begini begitu"

"kita sepatutnya begitu begini"

"Haprak pon takdak"

yestesday when have a talk with ipang,

1 of the conclusion is, "dok mesir, sembang kemaih" kih3

no offence,

a lot of things to learn

there is still much space, time

Juz dont stop from the learning process

Sumtime ya fell ya know about it,

In de end, ya know nothing

Holy s LOL

credit transfer?

who wan to study in malaysia?

me me me me XD

When I my 2nd offer in my UPU programme , in UiTM Shah Alam for my medical matriculation,

Then I go for JPA interview, hope for Middle East programme , under PILN, but it was rejected,

they offered me to do local instead of overseas , with JPA scholar, how sad I am at that patricular time


at that time, what I want is , OVERSEAS

LOL , how pathetic

My sis told me that , local graduate is better than overseas, nahh, I juz ignored about it

Juz because I want to get overseas exposure, this is the time when we , can go and learn about others culture

I just went to Yemen before, n see how's their living there, and 1 solid reason why I want to go to Egypt

is about thaqafah, although I fail , 4th year in egypt but , I just wasted it, thaqafah? almost nothing I gain here,


some of us, I hear that they want to study in Malaysia,

I wish for them good luck, especially for their interview with MMC :D

pre-clinical > 1st y
4th year > 2nd y

guest what, they need to start from 2nd year, n another 4 years to finish, dont worry, malaysian graduate

in IPTS rarely stuck, ala tool.. haha

Im in egypt, 2 years n half 2 go, although in Egypt , we will struggle in our HO , especially our first posting

So better get prepared, 4 years and enjoy HO (but both of my sis said it still sux, although u r from msia, ask

soy's sister, haha)

For me, y u waste ur precious years, juz to study in malaysia, btw good luck for them, see u in hospital later

on :D , ur become junior HO XD

For those who wan to stay in Egypt, juz prepare urself , ask ur seniors.

Good luk for me n my fren :D

Okie it is private for a while

For no distraction to be happen

For no keserabutan berlaku

For no mempengaruhi happen

So gonna let this block shut off for a while

Writing is still goes on

Will still writing something

Yeah bad communication is always happen


Take it or live it

Uncertainties will happen though

It was a tough desicion

Especially when

Trust is involve



Worth waiting in thee summer? < btol ke nie >

LOL, gonna kit kat with som1 tonite

Sui, lets rock this jumaat muahahahaha....

ahlan ahlan @.@


What is tat lol

Things that I learn today, practically

dun worry much about future, when the time comes, it will happen

Ur past is always bad n tack( haha ap tu - qoute from BH dota), ur future is unknown,

now,it is the time within 0ur concern, thats why it is call the present = gift (if translate bodo2)

y, worrying about future to much, while abandoning about "the present" is sux

a plan is a must, but "the present" , losing  it is not worth, how big ur future plan is

haha, finally I understand with those word, when I juz read "The present " from the same

writer with who move my cheese, I still cant tangkap those phrase, those meaning

n sometime I think, hmm, is it useless, for reading those kind of book

haha, now God show me, how is it actually, worrying about ur future too much,

nothing good happen, the anxiety, worries, all of the bad feeling, fuhh

But of coz, it cant be "direct translate" worrying about ur future.. camtu xyah pkir r pape n bla2

u hv ur own mind n think it urself

specialist? marriage? graduate? other things? HO? so long brothers, see ya soon,

Let have a happy life, god give us gift hadiah or whatsover,

 "The present"

nb : discussion with old fren almost n almost finish , let put it as 1-1
2 more to go hell yeah

A new era

wow 2 post in these holiday back to back haha

as whitebeard die when his crew battle with navy, in order to save ace , with the awakening of new

emperor , blackbeard, it is consider as new era, new pirates, new team, and new bounty of coz haha

As one piece grew older lol, me too i guess

When I was in KT, going go saiful wedding's , I realize that, me n my fren rather talk about carrier,

marriage, the things that I think we never talk before, in "serious" manner of coz

how sweet is that haha, to realize m we r growing mental and physically, ouh im 23 rite now T,T

quite old

Lately there been issues on family regarding marriage, a lot of things happen, will happen,

already happen, which I think is not a goodcidea to write it down here, but someday maybe,

so I will always n always care n remember about it

Juz talk with my mom n dad about marriage, haha, the youngest 1 , is always n always ask silly thing

They juz give me a big picture of marriage, after this I think I want to further discuss about this things

Juz wan to decide whether is it the rite things, to marry before HO, hmm

or after MO is better, till 2 years till 2016, calon is not an issue I think

but is it the rite choice or decison, for me of coz to think these things nowdays

Yeah it quite good, when talk with them, the reality is not sweet as always, we always see

the bright side, the happiness n bla2, but when I get the big picture as a whole, still not detail,

I begin to think, hmm, is it the right choice, to think rite now, especially, When I finally realize that

I not that "fit" , n reAdy actually

or I juz ignore all those things n start to think about it later on when MO, is quite @.@

internal factor n external factor is think to consider, just come with my father, to our house in

seri hijauan which some1 want to rent it, and talk with baba about a little bit about how lofe going

when Im start work

It looks like a 80 or 90 % desicion to marry after study, drop out to 50%

the @.@ , lazy to think about, n im fit for those things, only god knows

need to talk seriously with my dad, mom, my old fren in malaysia, who also consider to marry late,

despite of her marriage that should be held sooner or later

Hmm , to be happy n satisfy with who am I today ? Not yet

Try to compare myself wt sepul or muzamir, is quite a big gap there

there is a lot of things to think, but this matter is really a asap things I think

a desicion, that need to reconsider, recheck, rethink, re re re, coz once it is decided

it like almost no turn back

Lets rock, going to a new era is not bad though, an era which There is a lot of changes happen

Fuh, a week to @.@ before a FINAL Desicion to be make, yahoo yoshh



Facebooking n suddenly, I see my old fren status

Reading his timeline , make me realise something

Owh , how far behind I am nowdays, compare to him

Japan's student who I admire so much

Tertinggal jaoh atau x

Beza dari segi itu is not an issue actually

The only n only issue is

How long should I sit n stay

For this relaxing life

For this stupidity, for this "buang masa"

Sometime with things that I should never take part

Dude come on

Move on, there is a lot of things to do

U have 7 years to 30

"The Golden Age"

Lets rock