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Unbelievable decision

Believe it or not, im in egypt, it is hardly to believe n accepted, but that was the fact

I just leave my ipad to make sure my decision is firm , despite of all things happen, nalaysia i come is the final answer

Just think about big bad wolf book festival, that  i will stock my book collection for years, but it is reality to be accepted im in egypt

Gonna make these two years of unexpected return to be the best moment ever , egypt here i come

Testing 1 2 3

1st time using hp for bloggig purpose nice all in 1

Operasi utk meredikan diri utk esok

Action Speak louder?

Setelah saya meninggalkan alam Gerakan Mahasiswa, saya sudah berpuasa daripada melemparkan kritikan terbuka kepada Jamaah Islam kecuali sekali dua apabila terlalu geram. Saya hanya ingin menaburkan bakti dan budi kepada Jamaah kesayangan saya ini. Setiap hari saya memikirkan apa yang ingin saya ingin lakukan kepada masyarakat Islam khususnya di tempat saya Lembah Pantai.

Yang miskin perlukan bantuan, yang lemah perlukan kekuatan, yang teraniaya perlukan bantuan, yang kekurangan perlukan sumbangan. Lembah Pantai terlalu luas, dan masih banyak tempat yang belum Jamaah saya masuki secara efektif. Bangsar, Jalan Klang Lama, jalan menuju Puchong, Taman Sri Sentosa. Jika saya terfikir ingin mengkritik, saya akan terfikir, berapa banyak yang telah saya sumbangkan kepada Jamaah kesayangan saya selama ini.

Dahulu saya merasakan saya dapat melangkah dan bertapak jauh dalam Jamaah dan memegang jawatan-jawatan penting. Namun kini saya langsung tidak berminat dengan jawatan-jawatan itu. saya lebih cemburukan Ustaz Yusri Yusoffyang bermandi penat membentuk dan mendidik generasi yang jauh daripada agama di kawasan beliau. Saya lebih cemburu dengan orang kampung dan pinggir bandar yang canggung dengan strategi namun teguh berjuang. Saya lebih cemburukan Abg Wan Mustapha pemandu teksi yang menjadi Ketua Kebajikan PAS Lembah Pantai yang mewaqafkan diri pada jalan mulia ini.

‘Mereka’ telah menaburkan budi perjuangan berpuluh tahun dan masih istiqamah. Sedangkan saya baru beberapa tahun, namun kerja saya amat sedikit. Hanya satu kerja saya yang melebihi mereka yang istiqamah, iaitu MENGKRITIK.

Dzulkhairi, 1 of former GAMIS president, u can read about him , I follow him for 1 years n half or almost 2

years, when Amani (when she is tp - bile program Adinda) mention him, I notice him n follow him on his FB

He like to critic , with a critical mind, but now , u can 1 of his thought recently

Yeah, I am 1 of them, if u want to critic , go on, but make sure u involve in work,

"jangan jadi org ke-3 yang komplen macam org gile, tapi keje x buat skepeng pn, nie x btol, tu x btol"

"if u think u can do it better, dont talk , walk the talk dude"

Just a reminder for us , when we doing things, when we join sumthing, when we work for something,

bear in mind, tat , we must have a goal, crystal clear with wat we want

if u stress coz there is a lot of load, lot of work, lot of people who "bla2 type", take a rest for sec

kalo kite pergi ke terengganu, melalui pahang, kalo penat, berhenti tengah jalan, pergi petronas take a nap

for a while, mengantok, pergi stesen minyak atau R n R , go sleep, after all things done, n u redi to go,

continue ur journey, simple isn it?

If people go to Terengganu, to go masjid kristal, they have clear vision, but u? if u juz follow them,

without knowing nothing about ur goal, then u r "S" people, ez rite?

Get a goal, n go for ur journey, stop complaining , and go "earn ing" - haha broken english

Be smart , or u wanna to be a "S" guy?

The world keep changing , from the beginning it was call hunter/ gatherer age then argricultural then industrial

, nowdays it is call infromation/knowledge worker and funally it is call age of wisdom "quote from 8th habit"

Now we r in knowdge worker age, if u think that a college, a cream of the cream student in school,

those who get scholarship, those who with straight A's r the 1 who will success, then u r a stupid ez say

Once upon a time, I think I am that kind of person, have a good academic, with a stable study, in a stable

future career as a doctor, with a good result at university, but as time pass, I finally realized that,

a success people is not with a degree, not with a scholarship, but those things actually help to certain


In this knowledge worker, those who r "stupid" is those not updated with some sort of knowledge,

school as a part of  "some kind of indoctrination" and school for creating labor worker by Seth Goblin

"Stop Stealing Dreams"

If u read Rich dad poor dad , how poor dad and rich dad taught about money, and a lot of things u can read

and learn

If u want to understand better , go and watch Dog Whisperer at youtube (u can find it urself rite?),

how Cesar Millan always said, Their owner spoil his/her dog, u see , owners also will fail without knowledge,

how about "persatuan, keje2 dalam persatuan, a human inside persatuan, how to lead, how to organize"

those all things need knowledge , pretty plz, kinda tired with someone with this type, "buang mase je bace 

bku, ala same je benda yang ko bace nie nde apa yang islam ajar, dalam islam pon ada ajar, buku nie 

liberal, buku sekular, and a lot more things, but the bottom point is they r damnn lazy.

Finally, u said tat u learn for islam, for the sake of Allah, but u never know what u learn, u juz think about 

passing exam, and finally boom u r a graduate

With a poor knowledge, with a study with exam, ur find diffculties later on, hope those study for the sake 

of islam can realize this, when Islam won later on, u will fulfill the winnings, but with those kind of 

"graduate" , r u sure, u will give a worth to islam victory?

A complete islamic knowledge but with a poor medical knowledge, and poor "nilai tambah", 

why can u help later on?

Come on walk ur talk, plz ...

Wake up boys n gurlz , "Memperoleh kemenangan memang susah, mengisi kemenangan lebih susah"

"semua orang mempunyai posisi masing2, sedar kita di posisi mane, n try to srtive for de best so u will

not make a victory "spoil"

Finally , an example , u have Rm 500 saving per month, u put it in a bank u gain 3% is it worth?

For a knowledge people, they put it in ASB with exactly same amount every month(although they r some 

fatwa say haram, n some not),  with 100k loan , they gain a lot then u , (i dont want do the calculation im 

quite lazy)

it simple, bcoz u r "stupid" u will not gain much with ur stupidity  

A 3 for 1? or 1 for 3 ? *Sigh*

Prop with his "typical smile" haha 

Guess what? What is the special things happenat those people in the picture? 

Me and Ifi , Soy not so la, come to pina house just wanna persuade her to continue there, Egypt

But the things goes around , haha , so u can figure it out rite?

People with such a firm n solid decision, a "pompuan" (who always have a gogeh pendirian),  nothing 

need to be say, just accept de fact , with niena is going out too

What a pity scene here, me myself , didnt ever have any intention to study in malaysia, come up with

a very solid decision , I will continue in malaysia haha

Will sure remember those time with those people,  a sweet moment together

Especially for me, haha , bak kate org tue, buaya , no prob dude , it was a part of experience btw,

u never gain if u dont try :D

All de best for my "ajkt" in ur new place, hope our relationship will tighten wherever we go

P/S A visit to gain "trust", in was not juz gatal2 pergi , people dont ever feel that power, because

they dont ever trust people with their heart, juz bcoz they r "someone" , boring, 1 of "malaysia I come" 

causes haha

Egypt again?

I need to make a firm decision, wheter egypt or msia, whenever I encounter with some problems,

the decision change, quite fast, haih

After had a call with Irfan (her sister is lecterur in USIM) - yeay USIM is no 1 target for me , he just say

the worst things that I ever had , ho** s***, haha

The things start to change 180 degree n even 360 degree, but a discussion with some1 , had already make

the Malaysia bolehland still be the 1st in my heart , haha

Why Malaysia, not egypt? Every1 have their own reason so do I, n my reason, guess what? Not even about

study issues, study in egypt with lack of practical n so on, it is a minor issue for me , as there a lot of things,

that I know, if I stay in Egypt, I will fail myself to certain extend, especially, to something that I already

dream for quite a long time .

word of de day will be from "this guy"

ko nak tau sst? wonder nape org tolak ko..? sbb perangai ko yg "mesra" ngan ramai akhawat.. tgk la ko msj cmne ngan aku.. kalo la ko takdim aku p0n, rsenya aku p0n tolak.. ko msj ngan org len cmne la agaknya.. sori to say ye bro.. ayat kasaq, bg ko sedar. sbb kta sahabat. sahabat mne yg xnak sahabat dia bahagia.. cuma, fikir2kn ap yg aku kta psl perangai ko.. haha, just make the day for today, just wanna to say, tat these kind of things is part of de planning ,

maybe I overdo it , sometimes n always things r always out of control, btw thx for de "day"

It really mean something to me , thx dude :)

"Why n how it is part of de planning, I guess I kept if for myself, but a it was a very good reminder , but jus

to let ya know, it is part of plan, for my "future" . although it turn very bad lately

if shams people know, this is the new type of "zuang"? ow f*** haha, they will amaze lol

Back to de topic , Things to ponder, to have a firm decision will left my Ipad at malaysia, so when I get offer

from malaysia,

I will not hesitate , reconsider or sumthing , if it is 4th y from USIM, h*** yeahh

Kalo xdpt, demm sape nk bawak blk brg2 ak nie , haha stupid idea? it is worth trying actually

Ha ra pannn

A week to 12nd Oct, where I will go to Egypt, maybe for the last time as a student? haha

There r tons of hopes, when I choose Egypt, rather than IPTS JPA n UiTM Asasi Perubatan after SPM,

Finally I get the answer for all the "kegelishan" yang berlaku,

whether Egypt or malaysia is good for me? to continue my study in these clinical years with arab or malaysian

Just hear "ulang tayang Ust Man" , he talk about Hope

My hope at egypt currently decline , only 1/5 or lesser, my hope in Egypt can be fullfilled when I decided

to go there

Hope for better "Hope" in malaysia

Segala harapan kian hancur, malaysia barangkali tempat untuk membina baru kembali

1 of the biggest reason, why should I continue in Malaysia ~~

Hmm Medicine?

Dikala bosan tika cuti-cuti nie,

aku masih sedar "passion" ak terhadap medicine blom sepenuhnya lagi,

bila dengan ada kawan bakal bertukar kos ke sains aktuari,

aku seakan boleh memahami, mereka yang tidak minat,

dipaksa ibu bapa mengambil kos pilihan mereka,

sangat sukar jika kerjaya kita ditentukan ibu bapa,

kerana akhirya kita yang suffer,

nampak nya aku lebih berminat nde len dari medicine , haha

tapi minat itu semakin berputik , moga Passion terhadap medicine semakin bertambah,

lebih-lebih lagi, cabaran masa hadapan lebih tinggi, jika harapan termakbul haha

sape kenal gambar nie ? ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacomel lak ak tgk kwang3