Selamat datang ! Welcome ! Ahlan Wahsahlan ! kui3


13 days more

o p t h a l m o l o g y

sebak mengenangkan bpe hr lg ust wan nk blk, naqib SC

membuatkan ak termenung, ap yg baka ditinggalkan tika pergi meninggalkn msir kelak

adkh hanya Kepuasan dota yg tidak seberapa?

Plan to do something good


juz wonder why, for the very 1st time, recover within a day
feeling well n energetic , oh yeahh.. lets rock n roll babeh
When Im active in this blog, it means something wrong inside out heh...

the things i realize lately, XD

dota-ing doesnt solve anything, especially when we got pawning, the tenses become more n more

welkem to de world, where those thing we read in the book, seems like 360 degree diffrent

yeah i need to realize that theory n practical, there is a huge diff btwen them

but at least when I read, it gv me some hint, what n why n whatsover clue or things that I will

face in the future

"Mater ur mind Design ur Destiny" gonna fully give the bes shot after this, despite of all the

frustration, let create a new day prop

Here we go Opthalll , it seems like stereo frisky it on their way heh.... Gonna bet u gurlz these time,

be preparedddd.. here goes the dynamite

Worse nite ever

Watching bourne marathon with ahli bet was a nice event, we condemm all about the movie, about the scene, mengaraot merepek n whatsover

We start with a tinkerball cartoon movie, holy **** , dah abes pekse xtaw nk wat apa haha

Have a bad game these all nite, tet raped, feed people, ow gad..l even my BR going wrong again n again..

Hope it will not efek my next exam, chill btw, Allah gonna show something good

juz realize tat i can write using my ipad heh juz nice at correct n exact time :D cya

4 days left

4 days left n here I go for my finals

Hope , mumtaz for this time

But my effort , LOL, really SUX


BTW, really have a good mood nowdays

starting to go for tafaquh, n bla2

Hope I can keep all de spirit till 22nd July

GL HF to all my frens, in ur exam :D

Addiction fuhh

Those who didnt face problem with addiction, it is easier 2 say, "yang ko merokok, sape sroh"

"bazir je bakar duet, pastu cakap xde duet"

"ko nie merokok , x sayang duet ke "

In my 2ndry school, im quite good with a group of people that smoking , n some of them even want

to stop, but , it is not ez n simpe as A B C

BTW, there is a lot of addiction other than smoking, dota-ing , sleeping , n whatsover

Juz give ur fren chance, so they can improve from their bad habit

If u drink coffee, everyday, then u  know how hard 2 stop it.

have a break, have a dota :D

love matlutfi newest short story

mana besar peluang tuhan bagi , compare to those ur lecture give to u for ur dur thani :D

yosh studyy

Juz appreciate it

Juz appreciate n value everything in ur life, ur frens, ur "persatuan" , ur SC or whatsover...

Its kinda normal when we have a festivel ice cream, lastly no 1 even care , if there is a box of ice cream left

A full box of bbq chicken, I look it as "x lapor r eh" when I ate a lot of them before, but when I wake up

from sleep the next morning, its like damn "nape la ak x amek smlm"

Yeah thats life, u appreciate nothing unless it is already gone, n now, I know how much the value of some1

who was return, n i have no gang to pokpek anymore... like always

damm boring ~~

Its look like I gonna get "menyesal a lot more" later on , ~~

NB : A good news is better to tell again n again, nah bad news? juz put it in a dustbin :D juz see it once when

 u wan to throw it, later on, it will cover by something else...