Selamat datang ! Welcome ! Ahlan Wahsahlan ! kui3


Mungkin kah?

Thn 2o13 berlalu, suke atau duke ia telah pergi

2o14 menjegah mari moga byk manfaat di tahun ini

Mesir bakal bersejarah sekali lagi pabila kelompok islam bakal , menguasai pentas dunia kembali

Utk diri ini tahun terbek utk kumpol kekuatan moga tujuan hidop kembali bersinar, cerah seperti mentari

Mungkin juga tahun bersejarah bakal terlakar pada tahun ini tidak dijangka

Mumtaz dikejar klinikal skill dicari moga terbek thn ini moga mencapai redha ilahi

Start reading

Gonna start reading , if those malaysian

In turkey can understabd turkish in 3 month

N start argueing within 6 months

WTH am i doing here, almost 4 n half years here

My english spoil, cant even speak arab fluently

Without expand any of my knowledge

Need to be more aggressive , lets start reading againnn


Enuf rest

Am i having enuf rest? Pftt

Too many rest make me slow n lumpy

Gonna opeb those book again

Come on ur future is not very clear

If u not doing something, u will struggle

Later , fuhhh

Being typical doctor is ez haih


After a tiring weekdays , everynight we

Playing football in cdt, with an unexpexted

Result , we won

Okie enuf of futsal issue, I need to focus

on study now, tomorrow is our end round

It is quite tiring with this kind of schedule


With dont even learn about ecg which is

1 of the most imporntant things my sis said

Nah never mind I learn it later

Pray for me plz *scary* i hope i dont fail

This 1 haha

Wah long time no c

As written in de topic above

Nothing to tell about

Juz think about if some1 alredi appointed

To do something, juz take it n help

Them to give their best

A lot of question without help n trust r

Useless, it ia the least that I can do

In these last 2 years there r a lot of things

To learn

How fast the time moving

P/s dont stress plz, n take care of urself (thumb up) to myself? =='



Bayern vs arsenal 1st?

What a bad luck, unconsistent team fite with CL champion

It is quite impossible for arsenal to have this 1 haih

Another lost for them haih , n another 1 for me tomorrow for sure

Owh gunners , I feel that our gun is old enuf haha we need to change to de
New 1

Or we will suffer forever

Kumpol kekuatan

Sesunggahnya kekuatan adlh dr Allah

Mencari agar terus melakukan kerja

Manusia mungkin salah 1 wasilahnya

Tp yg hakiki dr Rabbi

Moga aku terus kuat


This year jpc quite lame haha

Duno what is happening, but people seem doesnt bother about jpc n mengundi

In other word , it look like this year jpc is not fully success haha bab komplen mmg bes

Btw we have a minded problem lately , people nowdays is quite diffrent from our era haih , they like tondo things themselves

The ignonarance level quite high , hmm

Juz go to wacana yesterday, the topic , hmm politik

Juz c that this topic doest not attract people attention as we pctian want to know what our future leader will lead us to , no prob , most of us juz dont enjoy politic, our minded doest reach to that kind of level n pct also non partisan maybe

Hhahahah i luv complaining, XD

Go bayori n trah XD

Klo down pasnh nk kacow sape tah T.T

Blog madness

Haha this is the rite time for blogging

With a lot of things to write

With a lot of things in my mind

Post travel is the perfect time to let my blog alive haha

1st of all I need to rearrange my schedule 360 degree, cant waste my time anymore

Juz cant imagine those malaysian in turkey, why ust amar death's is quite an endemic to all malaysian n turkish ppl

Juz amaze at them , go turkey without any languange n they can survive there, hmm
Alone in 1 place

A lot of things to ponder, by me

Reschedule my timetable is a must or I will be left behind by "those" people

Living in egypt actually give me a bad bad timetable fuhhh

Home sweet home

Finally , I arrived at tanta, my sweeeeet home

A week to turkiye sure give a lot of experience n new exposure

The last time I travel overseas is in the 1st year to iran , with hisham

Turkiye n iran , both of them , sure give me unforgettable memorieees haha

LOoking forward to the next session if it is permitted haha

*simpan duet*jimat duet*g travel lg*klo plan A xjd*