Selamat datang ! Welcome ! Ahlan Wahsahlan ! kui3


Good days

Dont talk about hatred soon it will haunt you down

They keep haunt you till you

Juz dont think about it, soon it will disapear..

A good n wonderful days

Finally I have a good SC with Izani, Aiman, Faris, Hanif Nizar and Faris Zaini

Special thanks to Ustaz Wan that make me feel that , I wanna come to SC

And it is joyful moment maybe, maybe these days, I juz lack of "ilmu agama" or something.

*The things that happen in these 2 and half years as ajkt , I think it make me so lazy to tafaquh

especially when we all exhausted with the work, go home n rarely "dengar ceramah", juz go to the bed,

release tension by playing games, never ever and always skip TWEET program, as it is the one of the

not "wajib" program, so it is some sort of holiday maybe.. haha

It is an opportunity not to go to a programme maybe, haha

And yesterday, is a day that change my mindset, hope so..

Looking forward to the next SC at Siberbay,I dont ever think that these guys, really appreciate SC

Take to YOUTH n PEACE...

Hope it will be my turning point, towards better muslim

11 bulan lagi

haha countdown, wpon lame lagi...

cepat la masa berlalu boleh kaaaaa

T.T , mencarik masa bersama org sulu kah3

Hilang kekuatan T.T

Kalau dulu ada hani dengan azhan, sekarang terkapai seorang diri

Zul juga menghilagka diri selama 2 bula barangkali...

T.T sob2...