Selamat datang ! Welcome ! Ahlan Wahsahlan ! kui3


Gud news

Juz talk with my parents , muahahaha chit chat time with them, borak2

Post neuro exam coz i 4get to call them, haha what a bad son I Am.

Had a good sleep after asr(what a bad habit I have, it is almost perfect time for me to take a nap haha)

Juz borak2 about my journey to turkey n abut my stethoscope, y, the answer is +ve haha

Im xtra good in that kind of talk (pujoking) , admitted by belevod eldest sista, im way better than her muahahaha

I juz ask them about how about marriage in these years in medicine, n it is totally rejected without any compromy, haha, degree is ur passport , grad u have the license, no poin to drag about this things

Then i ask about increase zakat amount n going holiday on my dad expenses muahaha

They not lending me their money , but they treat me yahoo, uk plan is activates heeee , juz grab the chance, travel package for free yepiiieee

Keep learning

Early in the morning, I see sum egyptian go n pick box for their source of rezki

Maybe they sell it later to earn some money

They juz keep working n hope that Allah give rezki to them

Despite of begging to others, they use all of their kudrat to work

N rezki minnalllah , it is alredi written in luh mahfuz, without ignoring ur effort to  gain them

U cant juz sit at.home, n hope for something miracle to be rich or sum1

Juz keep working n moving,  coz when u stop, despite of u will burden others, moga bz di dunia diringankan di akhirat
Vise versa

Here goes derma

Theres always hope in every trials.

"Aku adalah dibwah sangkaan hambaKu"


Fuh finally, I finish my neuro exam, bad

Mcq 5++ mistake @.@

Good osce , im not gonna repeat this

Mistake again haih

Here goes nothing

Have u heard about wat we call "lepas dari mulut singa masok mulut buaya" au qama kol haha

Exactly the same situation, perhaps..

To think that 4th y is tough alredi, owh god, 5th y is more critical haih more adventurous more tiring n more effort
Who knows he will turn like this haha

I juz cant.believe it , but guess wat, those who want to make change, he need to do some sacrifice for the sake of something, exactly

I juz need to sacrifice in order to achieve that victory n history hmm lets moveeeee


Berubah itu perlu

Tetapi sebab berubah perlu jelas

Berubah kerana orang bimbang tidak kekal

Berubah kerana orang, moga si asbab diberkati dan dirahmati Allah

Cuba berubah kerana Allah moga itu yang terbaik

Terima kasih T.T , perlu koat n jua menguatkan iA

The truth

Finally , despite of ego, i have to admit

It that Sc give me a new "hope"

When the moment that I think, it was just

A time to futur, post sc give a lot of diff

Experience , those who follow sunnnah,

There is some rahmah from the God

When ust faizol leave, maybe i feel nothin

At all, but when I meet ust hafiz , I dont

Have any reason to quit , at least stop

complaining n start working fuh ,

P/s hope for gud news , utk datang lg

Which 1?

It is either ignore or object it

Which 1 is better for this year approach

Muahahahaha *evil mode*

Ignorant year for this year is perfect ,

Bai egypt hello turkey , ignore mode is on

2 weeks lect, 2 exam , need to be postpone , Im using people money sigh

Or should i take "the road not taken"

P/S ainaa nadia pinjam "abg" ko jap ea kih3 , nk dating 11 hari

U never walk alone

When some1 leave u , dont worry coz other person will come to brighten ur life

Lost munek n a "good listener" is tough, but yesterday I got new ahli bet bad

A good replacement though, so juz keep walking, coz u never walk alone

U cant control everthing, but control everthing that u can control, to have a good n wonderful life

Life is a learning process, so anything that happen , either good or bad, we want it or not, it is a "lesson"

P/s wow that " sampah" , kalah brg bad haha

Perfect finally

Im quite interest in reading news, so im update with the currrent issue in the world n my country as well

To using many apps, it was just to hard finally, I found this apps, perfect

All in 1, get redi ur 50 mb perday for the news, owh adsl i really need u now, two hour each day

Owh, need to arrange my time nicely, just miss arsenal match , n broke 2 promises yesterday, what a bad day sigh

Travel mania

Last 2 years in overseas, im gooing to travel around the world


No commitment to think of, yeah


1 of the reason why I like to read , they really teach us about something

N then last book talk about bad communication n the things.happen in front of me myself

Heh nice practical ala tuulll

When juz fed  up about ajkt n sum1 gv this in a public grup holy shit? LoL

When a tree just to give a flower , ppl cut it out, dead,  nice, hatred come again

Y maybe coz ppl dont understand our exact situation, never mind lapang dada je

If ajkt is my sole reason, im in msia tats for sure

What a beautiful nite

What a nite perhaps

Thx Allah for guidance

It is.time for me to leave those sins

N start with a new life

Im sorry everybody for my fault

"Ak tkot dgn maksiat krn ia bakal halang

Pertolongan Allah" umar alkhatob

2 3 month for the rejection -ego-

If only she can accept me as it is with the

Black history of prop

Then its alrite

Emerging the new prop :D it is not


Accept de reality

Finally i juz need to accept de reality , those things happen in front of my eye , plz accept it with redha

Finally,im gonna back to the past ,

3rd grade smka sheikh malek, will not "ksah" with all those "annoying" things

U alredi been 3 years to get exp n it is enuf, lets moving forward with new name

Prop de lone ranger heh pray for me :D

Prof gile

Stop talking

Wat if someone talk to ya stop talking?


Play dumb be boring n so on..

50 PAGES  to go , n i will finish this 1 today for sure..

Leta start communicating

1 of the expensive book , in my collection

But no prob it is worth nice 1 thumb up